The Space Inside

“The Space Inside” stresses the idea of an “inner space” thereby apparently closed, delimited, confined. The three courts are immediately recognizable. each of them encompassed in a geometrically continuous perimeter.

The project draws a deep transformation of the edges of the site, of the boundaries that encompass the spaces of the contest. The concept aims  to redefine the idea of perimeter, from the mere functional aspect of boundary to an higher abstraction of “living” space. The parking represents the main feature of the project, addressing an essential need of this strategic area of the Faenza city center.

The new building hosts a sports center with a 7 players soccer field, a gym and modern rooms at disposal of the city. To extend the day-cycle of the building, we included a restaurant with a bar on the ground level, and a preferential panoramic position in the head of the building above the main entrance.

portfolio extra25.jpg

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