Choosing A Roof. A research

1. Urban Density and Urban Heat Island Effect – From anthropogenic heat to Heat Island Reduction (HIR) Large cities and metropolitan areas are hotter than surrouding suburban and rural areas. Urbanization of ever increasing areas is replacing natural vegetated surfaces, such as grass and tress, with non-reflective, water resistant impervious surfaces that absorb high percentage of theContinue reading “Choosing A Roof. A research”

The Varieties of Building E[m]ergy Intensity – Dr.Braham

One of the enduring problems of environmental building design is the determination of meaningful norms or points of comparison for evaluation. Building energy use is typically normalized to floor area and compared to buildings of similar types of use in similar climates. This provides a valuable tool for analyzing building operation, but reveals little aboutContinue reading “The Varieties of Building E[m]ergy Intensity – Dr.Braham”

CFD Base Geometry Exploration

Master of Environmental Building Design University of Pennsylvania, 6 May 2016 Prof. Yun Kiu Yi “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”  – Stephen Hawking The research attempt to provide a thorough catalogue of the role played by wind in the built context using CFD simulation to estimate the effect of pressure on buildingContinue reading “CFD Base Geometry Exploration”

Facebook E[m]ergy Accounting

Without a doubt, Social media has become a big part of our daily lives. The research focused on Facebook (FB) to gather the necessary information regarding energy use, user behavioural patterns, and other necessary information to calculate E[m]ergy values of annual Facebook and users activities.