EUROPAN 12 – The project “Chute” for the city of Ciney

The project “Chute” for the city of Ciney aims at becoming a new pole for services and residential housing. By developing a range of in-line accommodations and block houses we created two type of spaces at different levels: one that allows access to the accommodations and the parking area, which can be turned into playground; the other in a light vacuum sloping down to the river.

These slopes work as water retainers in case of flooding and as green spaces for sport and leisure, responding to matters such as resiliency and adaptability. The materials used, bricks and steel coatings, refer to the Belgian figurative tradition, so as to obtain a project where people can easily identify. For the buildings nearby the railway, we opted for Corten steel panels which recall a more industrial environment, such as that of the railways.

Design Team: Benghi, Busato, Costa, De Nardi, Malaisi, Pezzutti, Valenti

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