Taglio di Po

3rd Price – Taglio di Po Design Competition

Design Team: Benghi, Dorato, Farinella, Giordani, Massari, Rubini

Our design proposes to unify the visual and physical continuity between three main spaces of Taglio di Po city-center: with a simple and effective move a unique and  distinguishable main route runs from the churchyard to the town square crossing each area with the purpose of giving back importance to existing signs and languages. At the same time, the new “Piazza IV Novembre” redefines surfaces and generates areas rich of social functions and new meanings.


The church square and the fountain are generating elements and points of connection for the new square, a long pedestrian strip connecting the war memorial to the place of worship. This creates a single coherent system in which each hubs develops its own particular role within the urban space.