CFD Base Geometry Exploration

Master of Environmental Building Design University of Pennsylvania, 6 May 2016 Prof. Yun Kiu Yi “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”  – Stephen Hawking The research attempt to provide a thorough catalogue of the role played by wind in the built context using CFD simulation to estimate the effect of pressure on buildingContinue reading “CFD Base Geometry Exploration”

Facebook E[m]ergy Accounting

Without a doubt, Social media has become a big part of our daily lives. The research focused on Facebook (FB) to gather the necessary information regarding energy use, user behavioural patterns, and other necessary information to calculate E[m]ergy values of annual Facebook and users activities.

Taglio di Po Design Competition – 3rd Prize

3rd Price – Taglio di Po Design Competition Design Team: Benghi, Dorato, Farinella, Giordani, Massari, Rubini Our design proposes to unify the visual and physical continuity between three main spaces of Taglio di Po city-center: with a simple and effective move a unique and  distinguishable main route runs from the churchyard to the town square crossingContinue reading “Taglio di Po Design Competition – 3rd Prize”

Europan 12 – “Heterotopia”

Design Team: Benghi, Busato, Costa, De Nardi, Malaisi, Pezzutti, Valenti The careful observation of local architectural features brings to a project suggesting a local style, up-to-date with present technologies. The project is formed by a concrete porticoed vaulted base, covered (lined) with local stone (granite), topped by a vertical listel oak structure. The stone baseContinue reading “Europan 12 – “Heterotopia””

Franco Tinti 1st prize – Imola Autodrome Urban Regeneration

“Imola Autodrome. Territorial strategies and urban regeneration in the Motorvalley landscape” addresses the issue of the regenaration of extremely uncommon infrastructure as that of a racetrack laid  on the edge of the city, developing a cultural and territorial reconnection of the urban park, the river and the city, reaching important and original project outcomes. TheContinue reading “Franco Tinti 1st prize – Imola Autodrome Urban Regeneration”