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Michelangelo created David from a piece of marble. I took the liberty to add a touch of Joan Miro, master of surrealism. More at “A gallery in grey tones”.

The Gestapo points to Guernica and asks Picasso “Did you do this?” Picasso replied “No, you did!”

City of Saint Brieuc – Europan 13

The articulation of new urban modules of
Aggregation unify the separation between the
“upper city”, and the harbor area.
Individual and collective stakeholders are
Prompted to emerge to facilitate civic actions.
Citizens are now empowered to take ownership of
Public & semi-public spaces according to the new
Guidelines and urban measures implemented by the
Social “upside town” movement.

See full link to Upside Town.


City of Don Benito – Europan 12

In the heart of Spain, a careful urban addition To combine the warmth of the historical Building with the new vibrant cultural center For the city of Don Benito. Local stones, wooden arches, vaulted bases, and light filled courtyards shape the geometry of the architecture to give birth to a new urban experience.

See full link to Heterotopia.

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Imola Autodrome

Territorial strategies and urban regeneration in the Motor-valley landscape. More at Thesis Project.

~ a touch of homemade

“Details are much more than subordinate elements; they can be regarded as minimal units of signification in the architectural production of meanings.

The suggestion that the details is the minimal unit of production is more fruitful because of the double-faced role of technology, which unifies the tangible and intangible of architecture.”

The Tell-the-Tale Detail by Marco Frascari

See more at Details & Analytique.

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